Wild and Wonderful

Port Mansfield is surrounded by thick, virtually untouched, lightly populated brush land and the close surrounding area offers an unmatched variety of wildlife for your viewing and enjoyment.  Friendly deer roam the town, javelina, flocks of turkeys and quail are frequent visitors to the port and surrounding areas.  The endangered Ocelot resides in Eastern Willacy County also and you can learn more about them at the newly opened Laguna Point Conservation and Natural Resource Center.

Some 487 different species of birds migrate through or make their home in the Lower Rio Grande Valley and Port Mansfield, making this area one of the premier birding spots in the United States.  Many of these beautiful birds can be seen up close on land, with additional opportunities to view them via water transportation.

If you do take the opportunity to get out on the water, make sure you watch for dolphins feeding and playing in the Laguna Madre.  Many scores of these beautiful aquatic mammals make their home here and show themselves above the waters’ surface frequently.  Bring your camera to save and share the beauty of nature you find here.

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