Annual Port Mansfield Fishing Tournament


“The PMFT Board reserves the right to update or change the rules up to July 27, 2017 and if changed, all registered Anglers will be provided the updated rules at the time of registration.”

Official Port Mansfield Fishing Tournament Offshore Rule Change – Effective July 27, 2017, Offshore boats will now be able to transfer fish from their boat to a tournament officials boat if they cannot get into our Harbor. The transfer point will be no further out than marker 22. Qualifying boats must be at marker 22 by 7:15 PM on Friday and no later than 6:15 PM on Saturday. Qualifying boats must contact the designated tournament official ahead of time to arrange for transfer boat to meet them. The designated tournament contact is Eric Sauls 512-971-3742.

2017 PMFT Rules

Annual Friday Red Snapper Derby Rules

Annual Saturday Shrimp Boat Slam Rules

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