Pavilion Rental


Port Mansfield Chamber of Commerce
Rental Fees

(reservation calendar) Pavilion rental $500.00/day
Pavilion security deposit 300.00 refundable
Pavilion clean-up 200.00 (1 time fee)
Daily area clean-up 50.00

(reservation calendar) Kitchen rental 175.00/day
Kitchen rental deposit 100.00 refundable
Kitchen clean-up 100.00

(reservation calendar) Office downstairs 50.00/day

(reservation calendar) Projector and PA system rental 50.00/day

(reservation calendar) Scale rental 50.00/day
Scale deposit 300.00 refundable
Key deposit, pavilion 50.00 refundable
Key deposit, kitchen 50.00 refundable

(reservation calendar) Two 10 ton portable a/c
with 15KW heating units 900.00 for 1st day, $100.00/day for rest of weekend
Deposit 300.00 refundable

Proof of insurance is required in addition to above fees.

When not renting the pavilion, tables and chairs can be borrowed by members:
Loan of Tables and chairs 100.00 deposit
Table replacement 130.00 each
Chair replacement 20.00 each

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